Professional Ironing Services

Professional Ironing Services in Kent

If you are struggling with ironing or simply have no time for this monotonous task, let us do it for you and free your precious time! What you need is our Professional Ironing Services to make your life easier and free from tedious activities!

Professional Ironing Services

Professional Ironing Services

Our trained and experienced housekeepers will handle it allowing you to have a rest or spend this time with your friends and family.

Our ironing offer is flexible and we will adjust to your needs. The main three kinds of ironing we offer are:

– Regular (weekly or daily) ironing
– One-off ironing
– Ironing with cleaning

The great majority of our clients who use our ironing services also have their cleaning done on the same day. This allows for flexibility as well as taking care of multiple items on your agenda. We are happy to do the ironing in your home, or to take the clothes away and bring them back nicely folded on our next visit.

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