Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Serviced in Kent

At Tidy Kent, we understand that every business is unique, just like people working there and the expectations of each company owner. This is why we tailor our services exactly to what you are looking for. Regardless if you have a huge multistory office skyscraper, or a small shop, we are here to help you and supply the highest quality service money can buy!

Our high standards of cleaning come from dedication and years of experience but mainly from our deep care about every customer big or small as well as every cleaner we have. We believe that the job is well done only when the customer is happy with the results but also when the cleaner or cleaning team can be proud of their work.

General Office Cleaning in Kent

Although each office, shop and warehouse is different there are activities which can be considered to be an essential part of every clean.
Our Office Cleaning Services include but are not limited to this example list of activities.

Not all items on our Office Cleaning Example List will apply to your premises but it’s a good way to get an idea on what you are after and what kind of service you are looking for. Your office space will be germ and dust free, it will to smell good for you and your employees.

Industrial Cleaning in Kent

This type of cleaning can be far more extensive than the basic office cleaning. Newly built or refurbished properties require a lot more attention due to the omnipresent dust which can take weeks to settle after all the work is done. We have prepared a sample of our Professional Construction Site Cleaning Services Checklist for you to get an idea of what you can expect from us. Cleaning a newly built or renovated property can be a very unique task, this is why we always carefully examine each property to make sure our estimation of time and effort needed is as accurate as possible.

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