Work For Us!

Looking for well paid, satisfying work in a pleasant environment? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Send us your details including your experience, references, and a little about yourself and we will help you find work in your area.

What we require is the following:

  • crystal clear criminal records
  • perseverance and thoroughness
  • positive attitude
  • ideally some experience in housekeeping but we will train you regardless
  • communicative English
  • own transport or no objections to public transport
  • to start with, you must be self employed

What you must bare in mind is that each customer may be in a different part of town and so your own transport will allow you to earn more, because you will be spending much less time commuting.

Being self employed can be scary, this is why we have someone who can do all your taxes and other paperwork for you! All you do, is tell our accountants how much you have earned and what costs you’ve had over the year and they will do the rest for you!

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